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Artificial Grass for Sale

Our range of artificial grass for sale allows you to have perfectly manicured lawns without the hassle. There’s no need for constant mowing, weeding or worrying about unsightly patches. Our artificial grass requires very little maintenance, allowing your garden to stay beautifully green all year round. Artificial grass can be laid on a variety of surfaces, ideal for where natural grass is normally unable to grow. Gone are the days of maintaining your lawn and removing unpredictable patches of turf, explore our range of low maintenance artificial grass now.

With our artificial grass for sale, as well as being able to choose the type of grass you prefer, you also have a guarantee of it not dying, eliminating the risk of patches. Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire, we have premium quality, low maintenance artificial grass complete with a diverse range so you can find the perfect artificial grass for your project, whether that be artificial grass for residential homes or synthetic turf for sports.

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Where to Lay Artificial Grass

Where we normally lay artificial grass

  • Front gardens
  • Sports gardens
  • Play areas
  • Back gardens
  • Golf gardens
  • Patios
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artificial grass joining services

Successful joining of Artificial Grass

If you are considering laying a synthetic lawn which will require joining, we would recommend using an artificial grass which has a pile depth greater than 25mm, this will when laid correctly, give you a superb natural looking seamless lawn.

Effective joining will require the correct artificial grass jointing tape and adhesive.

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artificial grass case study

Artificial Grass Case Study

Back in the springtime of 2012 we laid a 24sqm artificial lawn at our Hilton (Derbyshire) show site; we chose a very attractive tri-coloured SmartGrass and as it had a pile depth of over 20mm, we chose to adopt the recommended method of surface dressing the lawn with dried kiln sand, this is supposed to ensure that the pile stays up, ensuring that you continue to have a superb looking lawn. We covered just half of the lawn as we wished to test the theory.

Three years on we can report that indeed the pile has kept its structure (with very occasional light brushing) and the lawn still looks as good as the day it was laid, but on the area which was dressed with dried kiln sand, this has allowed for moss to grow, whilst the area without sand has remained free of any moss or weeds.

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Where customers require a lawn with a pile depth greater than 20mm i.e where children or toddlers will be playing (as a longer pile gives a softer feel,) then we recommend an artificial lawn which has a "W" yarn construction, giving a pile with "spring back" action, eliminating the need to top dress with dried kiln sand.

So laid over a correctly prepared sub-base, we can install for you a very realistic lawn that will retain its attractive good looks for years to come and will remain moss & weed free.

artificial grass supply and fit

Take advantage of our supply and fit service

At Artificial Grass Derbyshire by MPG we don't just have artificial grass for sale; we can fit it for you as well.

Of course, you can fit your artificial grass yourself as it comes in convenient 2 and 4 metre widths.

If you would like a free fitting estimate or general advice on artificial grass…

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