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Artificial Grass for Residential Homes Is the Perfect Choice

Post date: January 31, 2023

While it’s obvious to anyone who follows our blog that artificial grass at a house will offer visual and practical benefits, it’s also worth noting that installing it can have great worth elsewhere too. Take residential homes, for example. These are shared accommodations for, usually, the elderly – but in general our society’s members with a lower level of need and physical dependency to those living in nursing homes.

There are residential homes in almost every town and city across our country, and the environment they provide for those living there can be greatly enhanced by quality outdoor space. In other words, a garden. A residential home which has attractive gardens means that residents will have an outdoor social space to enjoy, and their visiting family members will feel reassured that their loved ones are being looked after in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

It’s likely that with several, perhaps even dozens, of people living at the same residential home, the garden will get rather a lot of use. This is why we recommend installing artificial grass for residential homes.

1. Artificial Grass Is Durable and Low Maintenance

Artificial Grass Derbyshire can replace your natural lawn with a great looking synthetic version, or if you want in a lawn in an area where there hasn’t been one then we can cater for that too. Our artificial grass is available in several styles, and none of them need the sort of effort that a normal grass lawn would. Artificial grass requires a minimal amount of day-to-day or week-to-week maintenance – so, as the owner or manager of a residential home, you won’t need to employ someone to come in and mow it every week to make sure it always looks good for the residents.

Artificial grass doesn’t require that much attention to stay looking good. The sort of maintenance you will need to do on an artificial lawn are a basic brush or ‘go over’ with a leaf blower, and you won’t need a specialist for either of these tasks. Our artificial grass is also UV stabilised so it won’t dry up in the sun during the summer, and will continue to look good whatever the weather. Your residents will love the feeling of being able to spend time in this outdoor area throughout the year, and they will be pleased to see that the lawn is well looked after.

Another key benefit of artificial grass is that it is highly durable. Not only will it look good with minimal maintenance, but it will also withstand high footfall. In a residential establishment which has a number of residents, it’s probable that the garden will be used every day and, therefore, the lawn will be walked on a lot – and could become muddy. It’s not just feet, though. There may be residents who have mobility problems and so use a wheelchair to get around. Artificial grass is soft but sturdy and can easily cope, without damage being caused -and it won’t turn to mud either, so is much safer for your residents.

2. Artificial Grass for Residential Homes

Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire, we recognise that the garden of a residential home is a key space, a very important of your appeal. So we’re pleased to be able to offer not just perfect products, but a quality installation service too. Our team can handle everything, to make sure you get the best lawn at the best quality and the best price. When it comes to artificial lawn fitting, Derbyshire has us to do the job right! We’re the artificial grass East Midlands experts! We’re always on hand to offer advice – so please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions.