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Why Should You Choose a Synthetic Lawn?

Post date: May 31, 2022

Artificial Grass is becoming increasingly popular, for a number of different reasons, but many may be reluctant to choose a synthetic lawn over natural turf due to the fear of it resembling a fluffy green carpet. However, these days are long gone – synthetic lawns are now a high-quality, cost-effective alternative that looks and feels practically identical to natural turf.

Synthetic Lawns Require Minimal Maintenance

 Unlike natural turf, there is no continual mowing and no watering in the summer to keep your lawn looking plush. A synthetic lawn will always look uniform and tidy, all year round! No matter the weather a synthetic lawn will continue to look great and green for up to 15 years once fitted, making it the perfect choice for those who don’t have the time for extensive gardening.

No More Mud and Grass Stains

Muddy footprints, pawprints and grass stains become a thing of the past once a synthetic lawn has been installed. The weather has no impact on artificial grass, meaning when it rains you won’t have to worry about mud getting everywhere, making it perfect for children who love playing outside!

Pet-Friendly Lawn

The chemicals used to treat weeds on natural turf are often not safe for your pets, so a synthetic lawn is a great option for those with pets because there will be no need for harmful pesticides to be used on your grass. Our pet-friendly artificial grass is also permeable, allowing for drainage of dog urine to below the turf.

A synthetic lawn is definitely a great option for your four-legged friends, it ensures a plush, clean area for your pets to play all year round and will remain spotless with no stains or mud.

Perfectly Manicured Lawn All Year Round

Unlike natural turf, artificial grass allows you to customise your lawn however you please, choose your colour, length, density and more to suit your garden. Our synthetic lawns are UV resistant so no matter the weather, your lawn will remain a perfect green. Fake grass also eliminates the risk of your grass dying, ensuring no patchy areas and an aesthetically pleasing, luscious lawn all year round – minus the fuss of maintaining it!

Reduced Costs

 Not yet convinced? An artificial lawn can eliminate the money spent on gardening equipment, plant food and chemicals. Plus, see a decrease in your utility bills as there is no more mowing or watering your lawn. Reducing your water usage can also help the environment as well as help your pockets!

Installing a synthetic lawn has plenty of great benefits, such as being pet-friendly, cost-effective, long-lasting and customisable. It is the perfect way to achieve a green, vibrant space all year round without all the hassle.

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