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What to expect from an artificial lawn installation

Post date: June 22, 2018

At Artificial Grass Derbyshire by MPG we don’t just supply your artificial grass; we are also offer an artificial grass installation service. You can also fit your artificial grass yourself if you wish as it comes in convenient 2 and 4 metre widths. Installation of an artificial lawn usually takes a day to complete, however larger gardens may take more groundwork, so your installation time will be longer. We will always offer to complete a no charge site survey to ensure the suitability of the area proposed for your new artificial lawn. Below we have outlined the rough stages that we will go through when fitting your new artificial lawn from Artificial Grass Derbyshire.

Artificial Grass Installation Key Points

  1. Plan out and clean the area to be covered by ensuring all pipes and electrical cables are below digging depth, removing any existing turf, large stones and other obstructions from the area.
  2. Create an edge (if there are no perimeters for the grass to lay against) and lay a base, usually made from granite dust (Grano) or sharp builders sand, but only if granite dust is not available.
  3. Ensure that this base is levelled using a mechanical lightweight wacker plate to compact the granite dust. The base doesn’t have to be completely flat as we can install artificial grass on some gentle slopes where necessary.
  4. Apply a weed membrane. This prevents weed growth whilst still allowing water drainage.
  5. Roll out your new artificial grass on top of the membrane. To make sure the blades all point the same way, roll the grass in the same direction each time.
  6. Trim the grass to fit any existing borders and edges using a sharp craft knife.
  7. Use specific artificial grass tape to join together two rolls of grass, then ruffle up the fibres at the join to disguise it.
  8. Secure the edges, Artificial Grass Derbyshire installers usually use a timber beam or pegs.
  9. Brush your new artificial lawn with a stiff brush to give it a more natural look. Artificial Grass Derbyshire use a power brush upon final installation of a new lawn.

If you would like a quote for your lawn then why not get in touch with us today here at Artificial Grass of Derbyshire, where we’re always more than happy to answer any of your questions without obligation.