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Make the Most of the Heatwave and Get Your Artificial Grass Ready

Post date: July 30, 2019

Why artificial grass is perfect for summertime

We’ve seen temperatures this week peak at almost 40°C and we know this has got everyone outside, loving the sunshine and maybe wishing they had sorted their garden a little earlier. But for those of you with a synthetic lawn in the Midlands, make the most of it with our favourite things to do.

As the sunshine began flooding houses this week here in the Midlands, minds firmly turned to getting out in the garden. For those with our artificial grass fitted in the East Midlands they could simply open the door, walk out to the grass and begin to catch the rays whilst they last, certainly a position everyone should be in.

If like us you love to play sport out in the garden during the summer months, our synthetic lawns in the Midlands make the perfect soft play area for children and adults alike. Whether it’s goal shooting for football, a game of rounders or even large outdoor board games like snakes and ladders, our synthetic lawns in the Midlands creates a protective and safe surface to play. And if practicing your golf swing is more your summer sport, discover out ProPutt artificial grass in the East Midlands here.

Getting the BBQ on, enjoying a cold drink and relaxing in the sunshine is one of our most loved parts of summer. But one of our most commonly asked questions is, ‘can we BBQ on an artificial lawn?’ Simply we recommend not having your BBQ on your lawn and instead using paving slabs or brick away from the grass. Our products at Artificial Grass Derbyshire have not been known to burn as a direct result of a BBQ, however embers or the heat off a BBQ could cause it to melt.

Nevertheless, using your artificial lawn as a base for enjoying your BBQ is ideal as if it gets messy with bits of food and crumbs, simply wash the lawn down with a hose and remove stains with hot soapy water.

If you still haven’t got Artificial Grass in the East Midlands, contact us today for a free no obligation quote.