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The Green, Green Grass of Home: Artificial Lawn Fitting

Post date: July 28, 2022

Like many of the other things you could do yourself in an effort to make your home better, fitting a beautiful new artificial lawn could seem a bit overwhelming. Too difficult. Best left to the experts.

We do offer a full supply and installation service here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire – which means you have the option of an easy and cost effective way of getting the job done, allaying any fears because the professionals are involved. But the truth is that getting your new lawn laid and looking good is actually within your grasp.

It just needs clear planning, awareness of what you’re doing and a bit of time – and the end goal always in mind. Fitting a new artificial lawn is certainly something that it’s best to take care over and get just right for best results. We’ve broken it down into easy steps to follow, here, so that it’s not quite as daunting a project for you.

Measure up!

Except it is! The measurements of the area you’re installing in are essential. Once you’ve measured up the installation area, contact the Artificial Grass Derbyshire team and they will provide the right amount of fake grass.

Then, before you do anything else, make sure you’ve got the right tools to complete the job: Turf cutter, Stanley knife, steel nails or ground pins, tape and a sweeping brush.

Prepare your area

Remove your current grass, whether natural or artificial. You may need the turf cutter at the point. Be conscious that there could be cables or water pipes in the area. Once the grass has been removed, take care of any other obstructions – large stones or weeds. Compact the ground.

Level the sub-base

Compact the sub-base, using granite dust (our recommendation). If there is an issue with drainage lay a depth of ‘MOT’ type 1, firmly compacted. When evenly distributed across the area, drop to a flat and level base on which you can lay your grass.

Roll out your new lawn

Roll out the underlay in preparation for the artificial grass. Once the underlay is correctly positioned carefully unroll the artificial turf. Don’t move the underlay during this process and roll the grass towards your house as it will look better from there.

Go for a close fit

When you’ve got the placement of your grass right you can begin the finishing touches. Seal edges together with artificial grass tape and adhesive. This is simple: Lay backing tape between the lengths of grass, apply adhesive to seal and secure the grass back in position.

It’s advisable to then trim your grass around the edges with the Stanley knife, adjusting as you go until you have your exact fit. Hammer in the nails or ground pins at the edges to secure. Finally, the finishing touch: Use a sweeping brush to freshen up the grass.

The most important step

 Sit back, relax and enjoy your new lawn!

Although it will take some effort, if you follow this basic guide you should find laying your new artificial grass quite an easy procedure. Taking care of each step along the way ensures a better end result – and the benefit of following our simple guide and ‘getting it right’ is that you’ll end up with a good-looking lawn.

If you still really can’t face the job of installing your own artificial lawn, feel free to contact us and enquire about our fitting service. We’ll be pleased to see what we can do for you.