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Cost Benefits of Artificial Grass

Post date: May 28, 2019

Upgrading to a whole new artificial lawn in the Midlands may seem like a costly investment, but the long term benefits of artificial grass can far outweigh this.

Artificial lawns in the Midlands are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease and how surprisingly affordable they are. If you decide to purchase a new fake, yet unbelievably realistic looking artificial lawn in the Midlands, your out payment will be a one off instalment instead of a lifetime of maintenance.

Savings to be made

A reduced water bill

Keeping a real grass lawn looking bright, springy and healthy can be extremely time consuming, but more than that, it can soon rack up a big water bill in the dry and hot summer months. However, with our fake lawns at Artificial Grass Derbyshire, there is no watering required.

Save on fertilisers

There’s nothing more annoying than looking out of your window to see brown spots or weeds across your precious garden, but luckily with Artificial Grass Derbyshire no weeds or dead areas ever appear. Fake lawns don’t have weeds growing through and remain the same natural looking green year-round. This will save you money on fertilisers, weed killer, pesticides and those dreaded hours weeding the garden.

No more garden tools

From lawn mowers and grass trimmers to rakes and shovels, the list of equipment to keep your lawn looking at its utmost is never ending. And we know the cost of maintaining and repairing these can soon add up, but you can forget about all of that when you upgrade to artificial lawns in the Midlands. With an artificial lawn there’s never a need to mow your grass, but you can read our previous blog on maintaining artificial grass here.

Get rid of professional gardeners

While a small garden is relatively easy to maintain, a large surface area of grass can be time consuming, hard and maybe even require professional gardeners to assist with the upkeep. Instead of forking out this expense each month, convert to an artificial lawn in the Midlands to almost banish the need for upkeep and see the savings ranking up.

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