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Rain, Mud and Snow on Artificial Grass

Post date: November 15, 2018

Artificial grass from Artificial Grass Derbyshire is ideal for the temperamental British climate. Especially in the colder months – it won’t die off in extreme cold temperatures and will stay green all the year round.

Why Artificial Grass Is Ideal For Colder Months

Even in extended rainy periods, artificial grass is usually better at draining water faster than natural grass thanks to a layer of aggregates underneath the weed membrane. With no topsoil, there is no mud, which means no muddy feet when you dash out to bring the washing in, and no muddy paw prints walked through the house after a storm.

In the heart of winter, you needn’t worry about snow or ice damaging your artificial grass. If the snow needs to be cleared before it can melt naturally, we recommend either clearing by hand or a plastic shovel, as hard metal tools may damage the lawn, especially with extended shovelling! With compacted snow or ice, removal can be risky as it can damage the lawn. Just leave it to melt naturally and it will drain away like any other water. Do not worry if your grass seems flattened after a layer of heavy snow, the pile will soon bounce back ready for you to enjoy your lush green artificial lawn once more.

Although it can become slightly slippery after heavy rain or ice, artificial grass provides more grip and a softer surface than patio or decking, which can become treacherous in the winter months. Don’t worry if your artificial grass seems to lie dormant over the colder winter months; once the warm sun shines onto your lawn the pile will start to lift again.

For more information on how to maintain your artificial grass, you can read our other blog post here which describes artificial grass maintenance in more detail. If you have any further questions on how your artificial grass will fair over winter, contact Artificial Grass Derbyshire today for more information.