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Artificial Grass That is Pet Friendly

Post date: August 8, 2021

We understand the problems many people face when trying to maintain a garden whilst having pets. A question often asked is how do you manage the upkeep of a luxurious garden while allowing pets to have space to run around and play in? Our answer is our pet friendly artificial grass, the perfect solution to your needs. Our pet friendly artificial grass has many benefits for both you and your pets when it comes to your lawn. The adoption of having an artificial lawn is becoming more and more common throughout the nation due to these wide range of benefits offered.

Durability that lasts

One of the biggest issues with having a natural lawn in combination with pets is the wear and tear they cause from running around and chasing things. With natural grass the pitter patter of paws tends to rip up the grass causing thin and patchy areas of land to appear. This leads to the need for you to reseed the area regularly to maintain a level lawn. Reseeding can cause further issues due to the seeded grass having a different hue to the grass that was already there, creating a patchy and uneven look. Our pet friendly artificial grass is designed to last and can withstand the day to day of your pets activities, leaving a nice and even looking lawn all year round.

A healthy space for pets

An often-overlooked benefit from replacing your natural grass with an artificial lawn is the safer environment created for your pets. With natural grass gardens you often get those pesky weeds growing and poking through the surface of your beautiful lawn. They are often far too frequent to pull up by hand one at a time, so the most simple and easiest solution is to give them a quick spray to kill them off, simple right? Well actually these sprays can be extremely harmful to your pets while they’re rummaging around your garden and can cause sickness and breathing problems. Thankfully with our pet friendly artificial lawn there is no need for the use of these harmful chemicals making a nice and safe environment for your pet to explore.

Clean-up is a breeze

One of the biggest concerns we hear is what happens if your pet needs to do their business on the lawn. Well thanks to the material and durability of our pet friendly artificial grass this is a non-problem! In fact, it’s easier to clean up than a normal natural grass garden would be and leaves behind no smell if properly maintained. Unlike natural grass there is no long grass patches that snag and create difficulty when trying to scoop up your pet’s business. Once cleared up simply hose down your lawn once a week to prevent any odours occurring and you’re good to go!

No more muddy paw prints

Are you tired of letting your pet out into the garden only for them to come running back in with muddy paws and nose tracking mud all throughout your house? With our artificial lawns this is not an issue. Our artificial grass doesn’t get muddy ensuring that when your pet comes storming back into your house you won’t have to worry about attempting to stop it from running rampant with muddy paws.

A great look all year round

When all of these benefits are taken into consideration together it is clear to see why artificial lawns have been becoming more and more popular among pet owners. To find out more about our pet friendly artificial grass read more here. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team via form or phone and we will be happy to go through why an artificial lawn is right for you and your pet.