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The Perfect Artificial Lawn For Your New Build Home

Post date: April 3, 2023

While many people appreciate the quirks and character involved in the ownership and upkeep of older properties, there are definitely huge benefits to be gained from buying a new build home. Theoretically, a new build home will be completely problem free – everything including the bricks and mortar will be in great condition, and all of the systems contained within the house will work as they should. However, it is missing that picture perfect artificial lawn.

It’s likely that the garden space will not have been landscaped to any great degree beyond the basic. There will probably be a small patio area just outside the back door which is next to some quickly laid turf or a section of flattened earth. There certainly won’t be much character. While this could be slightly disheartening to some people, we believe that for others it’s a positive situation and it won’t be long before they’re asking “Where are the artificial grass suppliers near me?”

New build gardens offer their owners something of a blank canvas to work on, and they can experience the enjoyment of creating their own environment. One of the smartest moves new owners can make is to install a synthetic lawn and enjoy the low maintenance that comes with a perfect artificial lawn.

Why? In this edition of our blog we’ll explain.

Artificial grass is low maintenance

Imagine having a lovely lawn but not really having to put too much time or elbow grease into its upkeep. Unless you’re a lawnmower-lover who craves spending time marching up and down pushing a piece of machinery, that would be the ideal wouldn’t it? A good looking lawn with the absolute minimum of effort. It’s not laziness, it’s clearing time for the more important things in your life – and the simple fact is that in the modern world that is easily achievable.

Artificial grass is low maintenance. You don’t have to think about mowing it regularly – at all, in fact – and there’s no need to think about keeping the edges neat and tidy either. Perfect artificial lawns require only a minimal amount of day-to-day or week-to-week attention. A basic brush or a go over with a leaf blower in the autumn and winter will keep it looking spick and span throughout the year. Also, because artificial grass is also UV stabilised, the summer sunshine won’t dry it out. Artificial grass is not prone to failure like ‘normal’ grass can be.

A perfect artificial lawn at all times

The lack of attention that you have to lavish on artificial grass might lead you to think that it will probably end up looking shabby very quickly, but that’s not the case either. It’s highly durable and will stand up to a lot of footfall as well as other use, so it will always look good with very little maintenance – and it will never become muddy or patchy. You’ll definitely see huge benefits with the installation of artificial grass at a new build home. Visually, it will suit the property well, and will complement the fresh and clean aesthetic – somehow making everything ‘in keeping’ and feeling new.

The two things covered in this blog are twin reasons to invest in artificial grass when you have just bought yourself a new build home. In addition, when it comes to selling up and moving on to another property, a new build home with a perfect artificial lawn is going to be an attractive proposition, for both of the reasons discussed above!

There are several other reasons to have artificial grass installed, of course, and you can read about them in other editions of our blog. In the meantime, you can browse our website to get an idea of the different types of grass that Artificial Grass Derbyshire can help you with – from choosing it to installing it. For more information simply get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be happy to talk synthetic lawns, Derbyshire and beyond!