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Is Artificial Grass Cheaper Than Real Grass?

Post date: June 8, 2023

When people are considering installing a synthetic lawn in Derbyshire, a question we sometimes get asked is whether artificial grass is actually cheaper than real grass. It’s a very good question, as the economics of installing an artificial lawn are important. The answer is very simple: Yes, artificial grass is cheaper than actual grass, but there is logic and a time factor involved in this bold statement.

Artificial grass requires an outlay at the time of installation which could work out as being more expensive than the installation of natural turf. This depends in part on factors such as the size of the area you wish to cover and the type of artificial grass you choose to lay. However, over time (2 – 3 years) the cost will have evened out to the point where the artificial grass is more cost effective.

Types of artificial grass available

Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire we supply different ranges of synthetic turf, including Birch (a 38mm pile height which is extremely durable due to dense thatch), Lifestyle (a 35mm high-quality grass which is springy and soft, with a thick, dense, dark brown thatch for a realistic look), Spruce (four different shades of green and a luscious look) and Willow (a 45mm pile height multi-tone grass with a thick realistic thatch). We even supply artificial grass designed for golf and putting greens!

Other main benefits of artificial grass

There are two other massive benefits to installing artificial grass, too.

Maintenance: The maintenance involved in owning an artificial lawn is less time consuming than a real lawn. You won’t need to be out there mowing it regularly, and so you will save on time and manpower.  Artificial grass can be refreshed and made neat and tidy with a basic brush or a go-over.

Condition: Artificial grass is UV stabilised, which means that it does not ‘dry out’ in the summer and therefore will always look fresh and crisp. Real grass fails in certain weather conditions (particularly during the winter), but this failure is not there with artificial grass. It look good throughout the year.

You can read other editions of our blog to find out more about installing artificial grass, or browse our website to see what we have on offer – including details of our installation service. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout!