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How to maintain your artificial grass

Post date: June 22, 2018

For easy maintenance artificial lawns Artificial Grass Derbyshire is your one-stop shop. With artificial grass, you no longer need to worry about a patchy, dry, or overgrown lawns. However, that is not to say that artificial grass doesn’t need a little TLC from time to time.

Tips for caring for your new lawn

On a regular basis you should remove any leaves and seeds from your artificial lawn; either by hand, with a leaf blower, or with a stiff brush or plastic rake. You can also use a Titan style hoover such as a Henry if you have one depending on the pile. This will help to prevent composting which leads to growth of moss and weeds. It is also important to make sure that your rake or brush has plastic bristles or spikes as metal ones could damage your lawn. Bear in mind that more maintenance will be needed at times when trees and shrubs shed their leaves, however the occasional brushing will remove any need for the use of weed killers.

On this point, Artificial Grass of Derbyshire stocks a brush specifically designed to be used on artificial lawns. We have tried a number of brushes on artificial lawns, but this is the first one which we have found to actually lift the grass pile really effectively without damaging your new lawn. It also removes moss, leaves and debris and puts the bounce back into the artificial grass. The telescopic handle makes it easy to use and store, and it is strong and durable so you can be sure of its long lasting quality. Artificial Grass Derbyshire can supply this brush at a cost of £35.90 including p&p, if you would like to purchase one please do not hesitate to get in touch via phoneemail or our contact form on our website.

Once per week, to remove dust and other dirt particles, you should rinse down your artificial lawn with a regular garden hose, or even just wait for the rain to arrive and save yourself a job! Snowy conditions are usually not an issue for artificial grass, however, if snow is trodden into the grass and forms a layer of ice, manual removal may cause damage. Instead, it is safer to wait for the snow to melt naturally.

If you notice that your artificial grass seems flattened by heavy items such as plant pots or garden furniture, simply brush the fibres back up again with a fine-bristled broom, brushing against the natural pile direction of your artificial lawn. Finally, but by no means least, do not allow hot items like BBQs, bonfires or cigarettes to get into contact with your artificial lawn, as this could cause the fibres to melt.

These are just a few measures you can implement in regard to artificial grass maintenance however, if do you have any other questions about laying an artificial lawn or maintaining/replacing your existing one then why not contact Artificial Grass Derbyshire and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Or, read our blog post about cleaning stains from your artificial grass here.