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Artificial Grass: Are Chafer Grubs Destroying Your Lawn?

Post date: October 15, 2022

Autumn is upon us! And with this, you may have noticed some changes, specifically to the appearance of your lawn. The recent extreme temperatures and subsequent drought in the UK this summer has weakened soil systems, making lawns more susceptible to damage. One of the key contributors to this destruction is the humble looking chafer bug – feeding on grass roots until the grass becomes starved of nutrients whilst attracting birds who tear up the grass hunting for their prey. Is this the time to consider artificial grass to get your lawn looking healthy all year round?

What is a Chafer Grub?

Living in the soil for up to five years, chafer grubs can cause havoc – damaging lawns, flowers and foliage by consuming plant roots and other nutrients. Chafer grubs are the small larvae of chafer beetles. In the autumn, after adult chafer beetles have laid their eggs in the soil, it’s time for the chafer larvae to hatch as small white grubs (around 5cm long). Eventually, after acquiring sufficient food reserves, the grub enters the pupa phase for around four weeks until finally emerging as an adult beetle around May. However, once a fully formed chafer beetle, the insect is no longer a threat to your garden.

Though most lawns have a healthy number of chafer grubs living in them, they can be very difficult to manage, often having a detrimental effect on lawns.

Signs of Chafer Grub Infestation

Maybe you’ve always blamed the drought for a badly damaged lawn? It’s very likely that it’s down to a certain pesky creature: the chafer grub. As they feed on roots, grass and other plants, they can cause significant damage – most prominent between Autumn and Spring, when the grubs are maturing. If you spot any of these signs of a chafer grub infestation, it’s time to act!

How to Prevent Chafer Grubs

One of the most common solutions to preventing chafer grubs is to introduce biological controls such as chafer grub nematodes. These microscopic worms are natural grub hunters. However, nematodes only keep grubs at bay for around six weeks, and the problem will most likely reoccur year after year.

A much more long-lasting solution that actually works is to undergo a complete lawn replacement. If you’ve been experiencing these pests for some time, installing an artificial lawn offers the best solution. This gets rid of the root cause of the problem – quite literally!

Here at Artificial Grass of Derbyshire, we have a wide selection of low maintenance artificial lawns. Our range features a variety of resilient and luscious artificial grass, designed to be realistic and look amazing! So, what’s really the difference?

If you’re looking for an artificial lawn for your home, ours are suitable for front gardens, back gardens, patios and play areas, amongst many other environments, with a number of pet friendly solutions. If you’re looking for a lawn for professional purposes, we supply artificial grass for residential homes, golf courses and a number of other businesses. The choice is yours!

Autumn is a great time to replace tired, damaged lawns before winter arrives and the damage worsens, with the additional strains of extreme weather. Why not get started by calling our team today or contacting us via our online enquiry form.

Alexander DickinsonAlexander Dickinson
11:11 12 Sep 23
Christopher and Lee came to install the artificial grass on my back garden with me supplying sleeper. The workmanship and communication with me to meet my needs for the garden they both are flexible to work around it. Have left me a nice garden to able enjoying with family and friends..Much Appreciated for Christopher and Lee.Will be using them in the future and recommend to people.Alex
James MaherJames Maher
13:45 04 Aug 23
These images were kindly supplied by a customer of ours who we supplied with 100 sqm of Prestige 37mm artificial grass. The majority of our projects are fully installed by Artificial Grass Derbyshire but in this case the customer was very confident in their own abilities and have indeed laid a very lovely new artificial lawn.
Melissa TurnerMelissa Turner
10:17 26 Jul 23
These guys have done a fantastic job of our artificial lawn. We did consider doing it ourselves as it’s a small area but so glad we went with them. They were very reasonably priced and the finish is to the highest of standards. They even looked at the overall finish of the garden project and put more of the gravel core down to higher the lawn so the overall finished effect is perfect. Not even worth attempting the job ourselves.We went with the willow lawn and it’s very soft and natural looking. Would highly recommend the business and lawn.
Dennis SimmonsDennis Simmons
16:54 28 Jun 23
Absolutely brilliant the whole team had a positive input this is the 2nd time we have used them and would recommend them to anyone thinking of installing artificial grass
Mark ThatcherMark Thatcher
19:38 22 Jun 23
An amazing service from quote to completion. James and the team are really friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend.
Jan EmeryJan Emery
08:14 12 Jun 23
Paul Emery - artificial willow lawn looks brilliant. Fitting of lawn was professional and meticulous. Delivery was received at the time advised and fitting completed within time advised. Maintenance advice for the lawn from Chris was most helpful. A positive experience from initial quote to the end result of a perfect looking lawn. Would definitely use Artificial Grass Derbyshire again.
Mark BartramMark Bartram
10:30 05 Apr 23
This company put all my fears of having artificial grass installed in on my property. The lawn looks super realistic! Looks absolutely fantastic. The installers were great too, explained the whole process every step of the way. Highly skilled too. Thank you and definitely will be using you again on another one of my properties. All the best Mark
Linda HolmesLinda Holmes
13:28 01 Mar 23
Christopher & Lee were everything good about a business- extremely professional; kept to schedule promised; completed the installation of artificial grass with it looking a picture !
Azin KafaiAzin Kafai
19:42 28 Apr 22
Chris, Jim and James were absolutely brilliant and did a fantastic job of my new lawn. Super speady, amazing attention to detail. It looks stunning and they were so lovely to deal with. Highly recommended, best thing I've done!
Moira HaighMoira Haigh
08:09 07 Jul 21
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Jaimal singh JanduJaimal singh Jandu
15:41 09 Jul 20
Kelly BurnsKelly Burns
10:44 21 Jun 17
Luke SillitoLuke Sillito
14:13 22 Jun 16
Brilliant job absolutely delighted would with out a doubt recommend to anyone, two of our friends have already chosen to use them