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How Low Maintenance is Artificial Grass?

Post date: September 26, 2022

a)   Why choose artificial grass?


Autumn is upon us! Maybe your lawn is looking tired after a long summer of hot weather, or perhaps you’re looking for a water-resistant solution as we transition through to winter. Regardless of the stresses that weather brings to your garden, you may simply want a problem-free solution which means you can relax and enjoy without the hassle of all that upkeep, especially if you have a large garden. Mowing, watering, fertilising… the list goes on! With artificial grass, there’s little need to maintain your lawn. Saying hello to a brand-new lawn brings a number of added benefits.

b)   Weather resistant


Regular lawns are often impacted by adverse weather conditions. Heat can damage grass, causing unwanted patchiness and dehydration, whilst heavy downpours can leave it soggy. Artificial grass is a great choice given the UK’s fairly unpredictable climate. Sit back and watch your grass do its work to absorb excess water, whilst remaining green in the hot sun.

c)   Environmentally friendly


Like any other fuel-powered devices or vehicles, lawn mowers are bad for the environment because they pollute. When you think how frequently lawns need mowing, that’s a whole lot of pollution. You can spend four hours driving a car for every hour of lawn mower usage – and that’s a huge difference! 

d)   Pet friendly


If you have a pet, they may have the urge to dig up your well-kept lawn from time to time, leaving destruction in their path: mounds of grass and soil. But this is not an issue when you’ve installed artificial grass. It’s also hygienic and unaffected by animal urine, unlike natural grass which can become patchy very quickly. You can also say goodbye to muddy paws as winter approaches which is one less job for you to worry about after every trip into the garden. Pets are quick to adapt and will soon find comfort rolling around in their soft new play area.

e)   Natural appearance


Many types of artificial grass have been designed to look increasingly realistic, for people who desire a direct substitute for natural grass. You won’t need to use harmful pesticides to keep the lawn looking pristine all year round. Our spruce or willow grass for example are both for highly realistic solutions. 

f)    Low maintenance


A deciding factor for many customers is that artificial grass requires very little maintenance to look great all year round. Whilst some people enjoy maintaining their gardens as a hobby, others find it difficult to fit in the sufficient upkeep. To remain aesthetically pleasing, natural grass requires continuous mowing, watering and maintenance. Artificial grass takes this problem away and is a particularly great choice if you are not at home for long periods, have mobility issues, or simply just don’t want the hassle of consistent upkeep. Though artificial grass is no doubt very low maintenance, you can keep it in maximum condition for years to come with regular brushing.

g)   Brushing your lawn


If you’re looking to keep your grass in peak condition, you should aim to brush it on a monthly basis. You may find that your artificial lawn has become flat, weighed down by items such as children’s play equipment or garden furniture. Alternatively, your lawn may have become littered with unwanted debris such as leaves and moss.

The aim of brushing is to lift the grass pile, whilst removing leaves and other debris that may have found its way onto your lawn, one way or another.

Whether you already have artificial grass, or are seriously considering it, there are a few things to prevent damage as much as possible:



Artificial grass can be the best way to maximise your enjoyment of your garden. Simply kick back and, because of the lower effort required, enjoy having more time to relax! Why not contact us today to get your free quote using our online enquiry form? We aim to respond within 48 hours.