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Garden Putting Greens – Where Dreams Become Reality

Post date: December 15, 2022

There are those who say that golf is “a good walk spoiled” – but the truth is that it’s one of the most relaxing pastimes you can enjoy. It’s a mental challenge as well as physical, and although you are likely to play ‘with’ your mates, really, you’re only battling ‘against’ yourself as you try and try again to perfect your game. Once you’ve started playing golf, you’re not likely to stop, either – it tends to become a lifelong passion. You’ll want to be out there on the course, or at the very least in your garden working on your putting, whenever you can.

There’s the problem. Most gardens are uneven to some degree, even if only minor. It’s very difficult to achieve a completely flat and smooth surface. Putting requires an almost carpet-like top level so that the ball can move relatively unhindered – and at professional courses the green-keepers employed by the clubs take enormous pride in getting that part ‘just right’ for patrons to play on. So is there anything you can do at home to improve the surface on which you practice your putting? We believe there is.

Artificial Grass for Putting Practice

Low pile artificial grass is perfect for putting practice as it allows golf balls to roll true along the surface, which replicates the perfectly manicured greens at professional golf clubs. An interesting side-point, here, is that some smaller courses have taken to installing artificial grass on their courses, as restoration after wear and tear (from play and from the weather conditions) can have an impact on the flow of their business. So using this synthetic alternative makes good sense.

At home, however, it’s all about practice. Artificial grass made from durable, synthetic materials such as nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene can provide you with top quality garden putting greens on which to get your game up to speed. Because the grass installed is not natural grass, there are none of the downsides associated with it, and so your regular putting practice is not affected. There’s no mud, no puddles, no mowing, trimming and fertilising. All of the natural pitfalls and the upkeep tasks associated with a natural lawn are completely removed from your thinking, becoming worries of the past. Synthetic greens are realistic – not just in looks, but in the way they perform – though the added bonus is that they are consistent, practical and resilient, in some cases being easily as good as the best natural turf greens.

Garden Putting Greens – Get Yours Now!

When you’re looking to install artificial grass putting greens at home so that you can improve your golf, simply get in touch with the experts – us! – and we’ll be happy to talk you through things, offer advice and provide a quote. Call our friendly team on 01283 736 133.