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Artificial Grass For Gardens: Design Your Space

Post date: March 13, 2021

How Artificial Grass Can Help

With spring on the horizon, we’re all eager to escape the dull and dreary winter weather and venture back into the freedom of our gardens, hoping to enjoy longer nights and warmer days. Now is the time to start creating your outdoor retreat for both you and your family to enjoy. With artificial grass allowing you to have a bright, tidy looking garden all year round, it’s only right that you make the most of it, by adding finishing touches that can bring a bit more joy into your garden.

Less is more

A garden is a space for you to relax and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Over cluttering your garden can often make your outdoor space feel cramped and small. As tempting as it may be, to pack your artificial garden with your favourite plants and all those unique ornaments you’ve found on Pinterest, you should also be careful not to overfill your space. Doing so can take away from the natural beauty of your artificial lawn. For those will small gardens, a simplistic yet striking décor may be the way to go, featuring a couple of your favourite outdoor ornaments, with an injection of colour via your favourite plants/flowers. This approach will help bring it all together without overwhelming your space.

Don’t stop at the ground

When injecting some love into our gardens, we tend to just look at things we can plant or put on the ground, but to truly bring together your space there’s so much more you can do. Adding hanging plants to your fence will brighten up your garden, without taking away any of your floor space providing you with a beautiful eye level display to enjoy. Planters can also be added to windows to not only add some life to your outdoor space, but also bring a little of the outdoors in. Why not decorate the dreaded garden shed and make it a feature in your garden? With a touch of paint to brighten it up, some plants to add some life, and an internal clean and tidy to get rid of any clutter, your garden shed can come to life.

Create a theme

Placing potted plants and hanging baskets around your garden adds colour and beauty to your artificial garden space, but try to stick to a colour scheme when doing so. Injecting colour through flowers and plants can create the feel of more space. However, if there’s too big a clash in colour it could do quite the opposite. Try to pick a colour scheme you’d like to stick to, choosing a few of colours that complement each other to use throughout the entire design of your garden tying the entire space together.

Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire we’re dedicated to helping you make your garden, a space that you will love all year around, so contact us today to discuss the installation of artificial grass in your garden and get a free artificial lawn quote.