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Artificial Grass For Small Gardens

Post date: July 12, 2021

Artificial grass for small gardens

Make the most of your garden this summer with our variety of artificial grass for small gardens. From your beloved pet’s adventure playground to a luxury golf course, our artificial grass ranges can create a space you love in your garden, but with smaller lawns you may be looking for the best ways to make the most of your limited canvas. Though you may feel your garden can’t live up to your dream expectations, with a touch of creative design and inspiration you can develop a space to enjoy and be proud of this summer! All of our ideas can be created in your own garden with the help of our artificial grass for sale – with an artificial grass type to suit every lavish taste.

Texture is key

Making your garden aesthetically pleasing is the first call of action when looking to turn your small space into a luxury retreat. Keeping the rule of three in mind, you can add texture to your garden using a combination of materials such as wood, stone, slate and artificial grass to ensure your garden is always neat and tidy. These materials can be fitted in the form of slabs, decking and borders to create a feeling of depth throughout your garden.

A Pop of colour

Colour not only makes every space feel bigger, but in the form of flowers, it brings the beauty of nature just that little bit closer to home. A range of colour can be added into your garden through your favourite flowers and plants, a bright pop of personality through fence paint or even the simple charm of colourful outdoor ornaments. To take your garden to the next level of design, why not even create a contrast? Using light and dark colours to create a bold look against your vivid green artificial grass.

Break up with solid grass gardens

Some of us are more than guilty of simply laying our artificial grass and then ignoring our gardens. Though this is an easy out in terms of maintenance, you don’t get to enjoy the tranquillity that you deserve within your garden space. Breaking away from this old habit can see you creating picturesque gardens with eye pleasing features throughout, simply add paths, bright flower beds, decking and other features to create your ideal garden.

Level up

When dealing with a small garden, adding levels can create an instant feel of maximised space, so why not try it out? Separating your garden into levels can not only allow you to create a better flow to the garden but also separate areas such as seating and children’s play areas. Creating a bold statement and an illusion of space, adding additional levels to your garden is the ideal way to design your garden.

Make your garden a home

The true way to create your ideal back garden retreat is by using your own personal touch. Adding a dash of personality through decorating your garden with items such as potted plants, sculptures, lights, small water features creates focal points and features that will catch the eye of all those who visit and make you feel at home in your garden.

But most important of all is maintaining a neat and clean garden! Long grass can quickly and easily take over any garden, especially in small and confined spaces. On top of this, when long grass is eventually cut it can lead to even more mess that takes away from the ambiance you have worked hard to create. The ideal solution to keeping a neat and tidy garden all year round is by using artificial grass, that’s where our expert team come in. Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire we have a range of artificial grasses for sale to suit even the craziest of designs and we are more than willing to accommodate to such.

Explore our selection of artificial grass for sale here and to receive a quote on your small garden project, enquire online today.