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Artificial Grass – Is it right for me?

Post date: August 23, 2019

Here’s what you should keep in mind

When you decide to replace your existing grass with an artificial lawn, you’ll be bowled over with the choice of places to buy your new synthetic lawn from. For artificial lawns in the Midlands alone there’s a multitude of artificial grass companies to choose from, in addition to supermarkets now stocking rolls and online shops offering to deliver.

But here’s just a few of the benefits from utilising the experience of a dedicated company like Artificial Grass Derbyshire:

Supply and fit

Whilst simply ordering a roll of artificial grass from an online company may appear simple, you’ll soon realise that fitting your new artificial lawn isn’t as simple as it first appears. However, there is no need to fret. Professional and experienced teams from a dedicated supply and fit company like ourselves can ensure your newly laid artificial lawn is securely fitted, covered under a warranty should anything go wrong, and the mess fully cleared away, so your new artificial grass is ready to enjoy immediately.

In winter months the ground can be extremely difficult to manipulate to get a smooth surface for your synthetic lawn to be laid, you can read more about the fitting process by clicking here.

Professional help choosing the type of grass

The vast array and availability of artificial lawns in the Midlands is huge. From short springy grass, tricoloured lawns, dense lawns and different pile lengths, the process of choosing your new synthetic lawn can be quite overwhelming.

The lawns required for pets to play on, for practicing your golf swing or purely to brighten your garden are all completely different. But by approaching a dedicated company that sell artificial lawns in the Midlands, with genuine, real people answering your queries, they can assist you in finding the perfect lawn for your needs.

Quality guaranteed

From companies such as ourselves, you can read testimonials, receive samples and take advantage of a great warranty to give you peace of mind that your new artificial lawn is of the highest quality.

These are just a few of the benefits of picking a synthetic lawn from a dedicated supply and fit company who supply artificial grass in the Midlands. Taking the pressure off and instead making the whole process of upgrading your garden an enjoyable experience.

To enquire about a supply and fit service of artificial lawns in the Midlands, contact Artificial Grass Derbyshire here.