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Artificial Grass of Derbyshire and Auntie!

Post date: August 26, 2022

You may have heard us on the radio recently! A couple of weeks ago one of our directors James Maher, was interviewed live on air by Jack Tymon during Andy Twigge’s popular Breakfast Show. Across two cheerful segments, totalling around 14 minutes of prime airtime one morning, James was able to discuss the benefits of installing artificial grass.

The interview took place at an actual job site rather than at the BBC studio, so we were able to give a close-up view of our work as we removed existing turf prior to installing a brand new artificial grass lawn. In Jack’s report several fun points relating to artificial grass were raised – not least when presenter Twiggy, back in the studio, described how his dog pees on the lawn and discolours it, and leaves a smell. James explained that with artificial grass it’s a simple cleaning process to get rid of the dog’s waste, and that there would be no residual smell or staining.

We’re delighted that the BBC, one of our finest national institutions, chose a small independent business like us to focus on when covering the subject of artificial grass. Local radio is for local people – so well done and thankyou to the BBC for opting not to interview a rep from a big national or multinational landscaping company and supporting us.

Listen again here

Drought leaves no doubt – Artificial is best!

Since the BBC report, the country has gone into an incredibly hot period and large areas of England are officially ‘in drought’. While we’re not quite melting down there are consequences of this serious phenomenon. For a start, a hosepipe ban is likely in these conditions. These bans are decided at regional level, so although the government may encourage thinking along those lines it is local authorities who decide to impose them.

Hosepipe bans prevent the use of hoses to water gardens, fill paddling pools or clean cars, amongst other activities – and there are serious fines involved for anyone who breaks the temporary ban. Each water company has its own plan and if the drought worsens and becomes extreme, they could ban non-essential water use entirely. That might include watering plants using a watering can or even cleaning windows. Certainly, using a sprinkler to keep your lawn green is going to fall victim to the drought conditions. In truth your lawn is likely to have dried out anyway by now.

This is one of the reasons why we believe that an artificial lawn is best. It’s a wise investment for many reasons, but the current conditions prove that real grass is prone to failure. Artificial grass will stay as it is when first put in, so long as you maintain it with the usual cleaning and tidying procedures. Imagine that – in the middle of this weather you could have a lawn that looks as lush as it should!

So why not give us a call and discuss installing an artificial lawn? It’s a quick and relatively inexpensive way to make sure your garden looks great, whatever the conditions.