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How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Post date: July 4, 2023

This is a question we are often asked by new customers. It’s an understandable question to ask. You’re making an investment in artificial grass and you want to know how long it will last so that you can work out whether it’s good value for money for you.

In this edition of our blog, let us start from the position of saying that artificial grass really is good value for money – and that ringing endorsement is derived not just from the length of time it lasts, but from a variety of other factors too. Two of those factors involve your time – which is, of course, valuable and therefore can almost be measured in the value terms we’re talking about here. They are:


In general, how long does artificial grass last?


The artificial grass you have installed at your property should last for approximately 12 years (average). However, it could last for up to 20 years (though this lifespan would be dependent on how you were using it). Presuming that use was within ‘normal’ parameters and you were keeping it sensibly maintained, two decades is a great value return. Although you would need to regularly attend to it to ensure this extended lifespan, it shouldn’t be a major investment of your time and in relative terms it would be ‘low maintenance’. That’s got to be better than pushing a heavy mower up and down.

Artificial grass also tends to be UV-stabilised, which means that the colour of your lawn will remain pretty constant throughout the seasons over those 20 or so years. Again, this does depend on how you treat it.


If you’re artificial grass is in a high traffic area – meaning that it is constantly walked upon – then it is certainly not going to last for 20 years. It will also require more frequent attention and maintenance to keep it ‘fresh’.


The two main things to do to keep your artificial grass fresh


So, there we have it. Natural looking artificial grass represents great value as, with proper use and a modicum of care and attention (but not enough to wipe out the time you could better spend relaxing), it should last you between 10 and 12 years – or, if you really look after it, up to 20.

Here at Artificial Grass Derbyshire we’re proud to offer some great grass, and the services you need to get it properly installed. Over the years we’ve installed artificial grass many times and are experts at what we do. You can check out some of our previous installations on our website, and if you would like an artificial grass quote or find out some more about the grasses we offer from our friendly team of experts, simply get in touch. We’ll be happy to talk!