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Does Artificial Grass Increase the Value of Your Home?

Post date: November 15, 2022

There’s no doubt that a huge part of the appeal of a house is its garden. Everyone likes to have a decent outdoor area they can relax in – a space that becomes ‘another room’ in which to enjoy their time. When you’re looking to buy a new house, you’ll probably have certain ‘musts’ in mind, and it’s likely that a decent garden – or, at least, a workable area you can transform – is high on the list. It’s a chain, of course. To make that move to your new place, it’s likely you’ll have to sell your current house – and a well-maintained garden, an attractive outdoor space, is really going to assist you. It’ll be an asset to your efforts to attract prospective buyers.

Whether you’re selling up and moving on or moving in and doing up, there’s a choice to make about the lawn in your garden. To make the most of the outdoor space you’ve got, and to potentially add further value to your property, should you choose natural grass or artificial grass?

At first the answer seems simple. If you enjoy gardening and have enough time to regularly get outside (not just to maintain your garden but work it into a position where it can really flourish), then natural grass might be your preferred choice. However, ‘fake grass’ is much more convenient and less time-consuming – and if you’re looking to quickly add value to your property it’s something you can easily do.


How does artificial grass increase the value of your house?

First impressions count. That’s the immediate ‘sell’ of having artificial grass installed at your property. Artificial grass which has been fitted by experts greatly enhances what is known as ‘curb appeal’ – that is the visual impact of your home on those who come to view it, or those who see it as they pass by (and who may become interested as a consequence). Artificial grass has good UV resistance, it won’t fade or become discoloured – so your lawn will look amazing all the year through.

As a prospective buyer, being greeted with a really good-looking lawn when you go to view a property is a really strong indicator that the house is going to be a great home. They will be able to immediately visualise relaxing times ahead in this property (or just outside it). With an artificial lawn only minimal care is required (brushing, rinsing and removing debris) to maintain its looks. This can also be quite the selling point, and an attractive proposition for buyers with a very busy lifestyle.


Artificial grass is eco-friendly

More awareness of environmental issues in recent times – and particularly in the last couple of years – means that people are actively looking for ways to contribute to bettering the planet. These often include things which are more sustainable, and ways to recycle. Although artificial grass is synthetic so makes a claim of being eco-friendly seem somewhat unlikely, there’s a logic to it and a balance to be had. With water conservation issues arising every year, it makes sense for your garden turf to be artificial. Fake grass uses much less water than actual grass and doesn’t need water to keep it looking green and ‘healthy’. It also doesn’t need fertilisers or pesticides and, because there is no need to mow, there are no carbon emissions from a lawnmower.


Other ‘selling points’ of artificial grass

High-quality artificial grass can last 10 years, which will save you an awful lot of time across that decade. It’s also much safer for your children to play on as it does not need materials which are unsafe applied to it (herbicides, fungicides, pesticides). Additionally, if you have a dog (or dogs) it’s very easy to clean up their mess as artificial lawns can be easily rinsed off.

In the end, it’s obvious that artificial grass will add value to your house – the short-term and long-term benefits are apparent with only a little bit of thought. When you dig deeper (sorry for the pun) you realise there’s enough of a plus to have a considerable impact on your pocket and your lifestyle.

Having an all-year area out of doors means there is physically more space available for you to enjoy throughout the seasons, and the accumulated time benefits of a low maintenance lawn are great. People who see, and come to view, your property will be delighted by the possibility of a good-looking garden whether it’s January, July or November.


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