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Post date: December 7, 2021

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Are you having a hard time maintaining your lawn? Do you dream of that perfect garden but cringe at the work needed to keep it looking nice? There are a lot of benefits to installing artificial grass and we want you to know what they are so you can have your dream garden.

Year-Round Low Maintenance Guaranteed

A real lawn requires constant maintenance with mowing and watering and sometimes, even fertilizer and pesticide treatment to keep it looking nice. With artificial grass you won’t have these problems. Artificial grass is made of polyethylene, an everyday plastic used in bottles and carrier bags, removing the requirement for maintenance.

With artificial grass, there’s no need to water or mow the lawn. Artificial grass is UV stabilised so when you get those hot summers where you see other peoples’ lawns drying up, yours won’t. It retains its colour regardless of the weather.

In the wetter seasons, you don’t need to worry about your lawn flooding. Artificial grass is perforated beneath the surface, draining a vast amount of water that would saturate and damage a real lawn. Plus, because artificial grass is synthetic, it dries a lot quicker and doesn’t leave mud on the surface.

Because artificial grass doesn’t need daily maintenance, it’s a great choice for those who find maintaining a real lawn a bit of a struggle. Whether you’re elderly or disabled, you get to enjoy having a nice garden, too!

The Cost Reducing & Eco-Friendly Alternative

Each time a real lawn needs mowing, the energy or chemicals required to power the equipment increases environmental pollution. Running a petrol-powered lawn mower is comparative to driving a car for over an hour, and using a strimmer requires electricity. Since artificial grass doesn’t need mowing, no chemicals make it into the air and your energy consumption decreases, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to real grass.

The same goes for watering the lawn, too. Like with mowing, artificial grass doesn’t require watering, freeing up time, effort, and water usage. By lowering your water consumption rate, you’ll not only preserve more water you’ll also reduce your annual water charges.

You’ll also find with artificial grass the cost of maintenance is reduced. Maintaining a real lawn requires the purchase of tools and chemicals, but with artificial grass you won’t need these anymore, making it a great return on investment.

When you decide it’s time to renew your garden or turf with artificial grass, the above benefits are only a slice of the value it brings to your home or business. There are many more benefits and you can find what they as you browse our artificial grass for sale.